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Epic 5-day road trip in Iceland

In this post, I will try to accomplish the impossible task of writing a complete guide to traveling around Iceland. I will separate this guide into several sections that you can consult sequentially or independently: Day-by-day itinerary, detailed budget, and the logistics of planning the trip.

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Long layovers to save money: worth it ?

Rhetorical question: When booking a flight, has it ever happened to you to ponder over two different flights, one of them getting you to your final destination quickly and without hassle but at higher cost, and the other with long layovers but that cost less ? Of course you have. In my case, it’s the story of my life! Thankfully, I’ve come up with a framework to ease this decision-making process.

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7 days in the Galapagos Islands

Ever dreamed of traveling to the Galapagos islands ? Well, you could make this dream become a reality without going broke! In this post I’ll try to cover not only the main attractions of this nature lover’s paradise, but also the logistics of getting there, how to move from island to island, and how to optimize your budget.

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